Terror Quake 2 Weapons

Weapon info by SGT R0ck!

Well here it is. These are the weapons that have made the cut and are in Terror Quake2. We may add more later (You can count on it)!

General weapon bind information:
+ Use special weapon: bind (key name) special
+ Reload: bind (key name) reload
+ Weapon Drop: bind (key name) weapondrop - this works on the weapon you are currently holding
+ Use Special Weapon Feature: bind (key name) weapon - this activates the zoom on the sniper rifle, and the laser sight on the Glock 17



The M1911 Springfield trophy model is an accurized version in stainless steel of the venerable U.S. Army M1911 .45 ACP. It was used by them since the turn of the century until late 1980's. It has a low ammo capacity which makes it less desierable than the 92FS 9mm or Glock 17, but the .45 is know for the ability to knock someone on their ass. The main reason the Army went to the .45 was to be able to stop charging enemy dead in their tracks, and the .45 ACP did just that.

Weight: 1.13 Kg
Encumberance: 3
Ammo:.45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol)
Magazine Capacity: 8
Magazine Weight: .23 Kg
Magazine Encumberance: 2
Rate of fire: as fast as you can pull the trigger
Range: 50 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use 1911
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop 1911clip
-Entities: 1911clip = ammo_bullets

Beretta 92F, the pistol of choice for many military and police forces.

Weight: .91 Kg
Encumberance: 4
Ammo: 9mm
Magazine Capacity : 15
Magazine Weight : .23 Kg.
Magazine Encumberance: 2
Rate of Fire: As fast as you can pull the trigger
Range: 50 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use beretta
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop berettaclip
-Entities: Casull = weapon_beretta
-Entities: Casull Bullets = ammo_beretta

The Glock 17 is one of the most advanced pistols in the world. It is made of composite materials including ABS injection molded plastic, rubber, steel, and aluminum. It weighs verry little, but our version includes a silencer and laser sight, so it's weight is equivalent to a similar weapon.

Weight: .86 Kg
Encumberance: 5
Ammo: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 17
Magazine Weight: .47 Kg.
Magazine Encumberance: 2
Rate of Fire: As fast as you can pull the trigger
Range: 50 meters
+Binds : Bind (key name) use glock
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop glockclip
-Entities: Glock17 = weapon_glock
-Entities: Glock 17 Clip = ammo_glock

The Freedom Arms Casull .454 is a 5 shot revolver that is currently one of the most powerful handgun in the world. It is very slow to reload since you can only load on shell at a time (no speed loaders for this gun).

Weight: 1.50 Kg
Encumberance: 8
Ammo: .454 Casull
Magazine Capacity : 5
Bullet Weight (5) : .14 Kg.
Bullet Encumberance: 2
Rate of Fire: As fast as you can pull the trigger
Range: 100 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use casull
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop casulshells
-Entities: Casull = weapon_casull
-Entities: Casull Bullets = ammo_casull


Sub Machineguns:

The Uzi was developed by the Israeli government in the 1970's and is well know for being a sturdy weapon. It fires a 9mm (there are other varients). It is fairly acurate at short to medium ranges if you aim.

Weight: 3.86 Kg
Encumberance: 8
Ammo: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 32
Magazine Weight: .47 Kg
Magazine Encumberance: 2
Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute
Range: 85 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use uzi
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop uziclip
-Entities: Uzi = weapon_machinegun
-Entities: Uzi clip = ammo_rockets

The MP5 is one of the perfered weapons of anti-terrorist units because it uses light weight ammo and has less penetrating power and range than an assault rifle, they don't have to worry about extra casualties from bullets going straigh through people of flying many blocks away.

Weight: 4.52 Kg
Encumberance: 8
Ammo: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 30
Magazine Weight: .46 Kg
Magazine Encumberance: 2
Rate of fire: 800 rounds per minute
Range: 85 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use mp5
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop mp5clip
-Entities: Uzi = weapon_mp5
-Entities: Uzi clip = ammo_mp5

Future sub machine guns to look for:
Mini Uzi


Assault Rifles:

The AK47 is a very well know weapon, that has seen action all over the world. Know for its durability, simplicity of maintenance, and ability to fire after being put through hell. There are many variations of this weapon.

Weight: 4.30 Kg
Encumberance: 11
Ammo: 7.62x39mm
Magazine Capacity: 40
Magazine Weight: .79 Kg
Magazine Encumberance: 2
Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute
Range: 300 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use ak 47
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop ak47 clip
-Entities: AK47 = weapon_bfg
-Entities: AK47clip = ammo_cells

Future assault rifles guns to look for:



The Mossberg Mariner is a pump action 12 guage shotgun. The name Mariner comes from the fact that this weapon is made from corrosion resistant materials so that it can be carried by people on ocean going boats and not have to worry about the salt air playing hell on the weapon.

Weight: 3.51 Kg
Encumberance: 9
Ammo: 12 guage buckshot
Magazine Capacity: 9
Ammo Weight: .80 Kg per box of 20
Ammo Encumberance: 2
Rate of fire: How fast can you pump it?
Range: 50 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use mariner
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop shells
-Entities: Mariner = weapon_shotgun
-Entities: Shells = ammo_shells

Future shot guns to look for:
Baretta Double barrel


Sniper Rifles:

The M82A1 by Barrett, is one of the most powerful sniper systems on the planet. It uses the .50 Cal BMG cartridge. The .50 Cal is so powerfull that the shock it creates can kill regardless of the body part hit and will continue to rip through everyone else standing near. This is the same round that is used in the M2HB machine gun. This weapon is classified as an anti-equipment sniper system by the U.S. military, but can you imagine someone saying "oh wait, it's a person, give me the other rifle"? Yea right!
This weapon is extreamly heavy and uses gas pressure to reduce recoil, it cannot be silenced - unless you don't mind the reccil of being hit square in the shoulder by a big guy with a slegdge hammer and an attitude; and if you can find a silencer as big as a water heater tank! In order to hold this weapon steady enough to hit targets, you will have to crouch and use the bipod that is on the front of the weapon.

Weight: 13.90 Kg
Encumberance: 17
Ammo: .50 Cal BMG (Browning Machine Gun)
Magazine Capacity: 10
Ammo Weight: 1.82 Kg
Ammo Encumberance: 2
Rate of fire: About 100 rounds a minute, but that is not the sustained rate.
Range: 1,300 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use barrett
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop barrettclip
-Entities: barrett = weapon_chaingun
-Entities: Barrett clip = ammo_slugs

The H&K MSG90 was developed as a cost effective alternative to the PSG-1, it has the same operating system and trigger. It features an adjustable stock, but not as fancy as the PSG-1 and it weighs 3 pounds less.

Weight: 6.98 Kg
Encumberance: 10
Ammo: 7.62x51mm
Magazine Capacity: 20
Ammo Weight: .57 Kg
Ammo Encumberance: 2
Rate of fire: About 100 rounds a minute, but that is not the sustained rate.
Range: 1,100 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use msg90
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop msg90clip
-Entities: barrett = weapon_msg90
-Entities: Barrett clip = ammo_msg90


Machine Guns:

The M60 machinegun is an air-cooled, belt fed, gas operated fully automatic weapon. It fires the disintigrating link 7.62mm NATO round. The max effective range when carried is 200 meters, 800 meters on bipod, and 1100 meters when mounted on a tripod. The M60 is nicknamed the "Hog" and "Earth Pig" by the U.S. Cavaly because is a tough, brutish weapon. With tremendous knock down power, and medium rate of fire it can dominate the game.

Weight: 15.85 Kg
Encumberance: 22
Ammo: 7.62x51mm belted
Magazine Capacity: 200 round belts
Ammo Weight: 5.4 Kg
Ammo Encumberance: 10
Rate of fire: About 550 rounds a minute, but that is not the sustained rate.
Range: max effective range varies with target type and bipod use from 200m to 1100m
+Binds: Bind (key name) use M60
+Binds: Bind (key name) drop m60ammo
-Entities: barrett = weapon_m60
-Entities: Barrett clip = ammo_m60



The Bush Knife is a heavy, sharp machete 18" (46cm) long. It will cut a person in half if swung hard enough!

Weight: .84 Kg
Encumberance: N/A
Range: .3 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use bush knife

Future blades to look for:
SOG Pentagon

Gil Hibben Sport


Grenades and Launchers:

A pineapple frag grenade. The basic Anti Personnel (AP) grenade. Many people used to computer games don't realize how powerful these really are. A grenade's kill radius is 3 meters (9 feet), and damages fairly well out to 5 meters (15 feet). There is a recent incident where a soldier wearing a flack vest was killed by a grenade from 4 meters (12 feet). Weight: .22 Kg
Encumberance: 5
Throwing Range: 35 meters
Blast Radius: 5 meters
Killing Blast Radius 3-3.5 meters
+Binds: Bind (key name) use grenades
-Entities: Hand grenades = ammo_grenades

Future grenades and launchers to look for:
HK 40mm Grenade Launcher


Rocket Launchers:
None yet

Future rocket launchers to look for:


Explosives and mines:

The C4 Det Pak is basically a block of Composition 4 explosives wired to a a radio detonator. You cannot blow up the C4 unless you place it and you use the detonator. All the C4 you place will blow up at the same time. It has less kill power because there is very little shrapnell.

Weight: .23 Kg
Encumberance: 5
Blast Radius: 3 Meters
Killing Blast Radius: 2 Meters
Detonator Weight: .12 Kg
Detonator Encumberance: 2
+Binds: bind (key name) use detonator
+Binds: bind (key name) use c4 detpack
-Entities: C4 Detpack = item_ancient_head
-Entities: Detonator = item_silencer

Weight: 3.75 Kg
Encumberance: 2
Blast Radius: 3 Meters
Killing Blast Gadius:1.5 Meters - most of the blast is shape charged to go straight up
+Binds: bind (key name) use mine
-Entities: Mine = weapon_supershotgun

Land Mine
Future explosives to look for:
Tripwire Mine
Flash Grenades



HEED stands for Helicopter Emergency Egress Device. It is designed for heliocopter flight crews to be able to escape from a helicopter after a water ditching since they can't eject. The HEED only contains about 45 seconds of continuous air, but can be used in emergency breathing for up to 4 minutes. It is small enough to fit on the flight vests of pilots and crewmambers.
Weight: 1.73 Kg.
Encumberance: 5
-Entities: SCUBA Gear = item_breather

Kevelar Helmet
The standard Kevelar helmet worn by U.S. and other military
Weight: 1.36
Encumberance: 2
-Entities: Helmet = item_armor_shard

Head Light
Small head mounted light with extreamly good output.
Weight: .23 Kg.
Encumberance: 2
-Entities: Flashlight = item_health_mega

The ANPVS-7B is the night vision used by U.S. Military for standard night vision. Our version does not exactly replicate the AN/PVS-7B, but that is what the model is based on.
Weight: .68
Encumberance: 3
-Entities: IR Goggles = item_armor_body

Flack Vest
The flack vest is comprised of layers of kevelar to reduce the damage done by bullets and fragments. Body armor does not stop all bullets, and even when stopping them, it does not protect completely from the impact of the rounds.
Weight: 1.82 Kg.
Encumberance: 4
-Entities: Vest = item_health_large

First Aid Kit
The first aid kit comtains various medicines to help overcome the effects of shock and damge done to you. You will slowly regain helth while possesing this item.
Weight: .84
Encumberance: 2
-Entities: Medkit = item_health

This gets you through doors in single play.
Weight:: .12
Encumberance: 2
-Entities: Key = ???

Drug Pack This is the flag in CTF mode, or in Terror it's called "Get the Drugs". Take the drugs from the enemy's site back to your base and crouch where your drugs are stored. If yours is captured, you will not be able to place the enemy's drugs at your site.
Weight: N/A
Encumberance: N/A
-Entities: Terrorist "flag" = item_flag_team1
-Entities: Police "flag" = item_flag_team2

Future items to look for:
Ammo Vest

Stealthy Boots


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