Terror Quake 2 Features

Here we`ll post the features of the game as they get implemented.

  • Pain Skins.
  • Bad aim at speed/low health (partially).
  • Removed glow of items/weapons.
  • Detonateable C4 DetPack
  • Mines. Place one and watch how an unsuspecting fella steps on it!
  • Locational damage fully implemented
  • Some weapons have builtin items. The Glock 17 has a silencer and a lasersight!
  • Lotsa new kick-ass real-life weapons/models. Check the weapons section for more info!
  • Bullet holes and bloodsplats.
  • Debris from bullet holes.
  • Capture The Drugs teamplay! Finally some goalbased teamplay. We have many more variants planned such as rescue the hostage.
  • Manually reloading of the guns.
  • The weapons don`t respawn after they have been taken... Go hunt the guy with the xxx!! They won`t respawn if you drop them either, so go pick up your enemies` favourite and throw it off a cliff or hide it!!!
  • New weight system! You can carry 20kg's of stuff. Each weapon/item/clip has it's own unique weight.
  • The weapon now remembers how many bullets it has left in the clip after you died or after you had thrown the weapon away.
  • Items! Kevlar vest, helmet, nighvision, flashlight and medkit. Suggestions are welcome!
  • There's probably more, but I can't remember...


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