Terror Quake2 install and FAQ

This is a brief tutorial which explains how to install the Terror Quake 2 mod.

Run the terror_103_main.exe (all future major updates will install in the the same way).

Point towards your Terror directory and hit the extract button...
This for example:

It will now be extracted to the specified folder.
(all smaller updates must also be extracted to "X:\quake2\terror")

The playermodel pack (terror_103_players.EXE) must also be extracted to: "X:\quake2\terror"

Some updates vary in installing procedures. I really suggest you look on the downloads page to see HOW and more importantly WHERE to install them.

All available maps must be extracted to: "X:\quake2\terror".

Okay, you are past the hard part... :^)

The next thing we are going to do, is make a shortcut to start Terror Quake2!

Click with your right mouse button somewhere on your desktop.
Select "new".
Select "shortcut".

Then you must specify the command line.

Fill in, without the quotes:
"X:\quake2\quake2.exe +set game terror"

Choose "Next".
Now you must give it a name.
Fill in "Terror Quake 2".

Then choose "finish".

That's it!
Now, run the shortcut and find a server using Gamespy with our tab or go to JoeBlow's server monitoring page (link is in the "links" section.
(ps. we need more servers, so if you want to start a server, please put the IP on the forum and/or you can put it up on JoeBlow's monitoring page. His link is in the "links" section.)
When you start a server, be sure to mail me (The Dark Lord) the IP+ port number of the server. BINDING LIST
Now for some key bindings:
When you started the game, go to the console and type this, without the quotes:

X = key you want to bind the function to.
// = explanation, don't bind it! :-)

bind x "reload"
bind x "opendoor"
bind x "bandage"

//using weapons/items

//this uses your current item i.e. Nightvision, headlight
bind x "item"

//selects the special ability of the weapon (sniperzoom, lasersight on Glock17, handgrenade distance etc)
bind x "weapon"

//selects your special weapon
bind x "special"

bind x "use detonator"
bind x "use c4 detpack"
bind x "use mine"
bind x "use grenades"
bind x "use grapple"
bind x "use 1911"
bind x "use bush knife"
//dropping stuff

//drops weapon you are currently holding:
bind x "weapondrop"

//drops current item:
bind x "itemdrop"

bind x "drop barrettclip"
bind x "drop uziclip"
bind x "drop Grenades"
bind x "drop ak47 clip"
bind x "drop marinershells"
bind x "drop 1911clip"


Q: I can't pick stuff up!? Is this a bug?
A: No, it's not a bug. You have to crouch on top of a weapon/item/clip to pick it up!

Q: The Barret sniper rifle is inaccurate as hell! What's up with that?
A: The Barret is a very heavy rifle. You can only fire accurate when crouched and zoomed in.

Q: What's the best way to kill someone?
A: Shoot 'em in the head...

Q: I'm standing in front of a door, but it doesn't open automatically!
A: use the cmd: "opendoor". It might be best if you bind that to a key...

Q: I'm hit and I keep losing health! What is this?
A: You are bleeding... tip: bandage. This is also a cmd. see binding list above.

Q: Isn't there a faster way to drop my unwanted ammo clips?
A: yes, there is. Just bring up your inventory and push select (usually the return key). It is now dropped.

That's all there is right now!
This FAQ will be updated when more questions arrise.

Regards and happy fragging!

The Team

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